Our Belgian Malinois’ Shocking Behavior

We rescued our Belgian Malinois about ten years ago. She had been bred for Homeland Security, flunked out and was sent to Henrico Police Dept. flunked out and landed in Fluvanna SPCA. At first she seemed fairly normal for a […]

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Big White Granny Panties

I love the stories that I hear from my clients. This is perhaps my favorite story. Moose, a ten month old GSD is a great combination of brains, brawn and blarney. My wonderfully gracious and soft spoken client always looks […]

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What About Free Will?

These are the things that my dogs like to do: Roll in smelly things, run in the woods, sniff crotches, eat greasy yummy meat, chew bones and snuggle with mom and dad preferably on the couch. Sometimes they like to […]

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