Palms sweating and heart beating I decide to confront a very well respected Vet. Yes, if you know me you know that I am opinionated and sometimes annoying as I cannot keep my mouth shut.

And I get ahead of myself… In my classes I try and educate my clients regarding the benefits of a healthy diet as well as the possibility that we are over vaccinating and poisoning our dogs with Frontline and other topical flea and tick remedies. I had begun to see healthy dogs getting tumors by six years of age, behavioral issues that appeared out of nowhere and obesity and diabetes. I knew from personal experience that food does affect our health and our mental wellbeing. Was it too far of a stretch to think that this might be the case for our dogs?

According to this one Vet, it is. He told one of my customers what I was teaching was ridiculous. Of course my client was a little put off and told me about the conversation. She also sought my advice regarding finding a new Vet.

So, I did it I confronted the God,the man with a Doctorate, the man who could make mincemeat out of me with his technical jargon. Yes I was stuttering a bit and probably did not make most of my points, but I did not back down nor concede to his beliefs.

I am not a Vet but I have a brain and opposable thumbs that allow me to google and find things out for myself. The information is out there and it is out there by other Vets who have Doctorates as well.

I encourage my customers to research for themselves. I stand by my beliefs and that is my right. I suppose that I will make some enemies along the way and may be viewed as a zealot or the crazy dog lady, but this is who I am, an advocate for those who cannot speak for themselves.

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