A Note from Our Owners

On September 28th 2013 a dream came true. My life’s work and dreams had come to fruition. We opened our 8000 sq. foot state of the art training facility and doggie daycare. My husband Sean Julian and I started our business All Things Pawssible in 2002 in a rundown 1500 sq. foot building. We were terrified as we had quit our jobs and had no idea if this would work.

We saw a need in our community and had hoped the community would respond. Our business flourished transcending our expectations. We continued to expand our business in our run down space and over the last eleven years gained a loyal and supportive customers base.

Although our building was not pretty and had many issues people continued to support us and for this we are eternally grateful. This continued faith, trust and support allowed us to pursue the dream I had been dreaming for eight of those eleven years. That dream being to buy my own building and turn my vision into a reality.

All Things Pawssible is truly a labor of love and it shows throughout our carefully planned facility. Our facility is bright, colorful and airy. It is a welcoming environment for both humans and their pets. We invite our customers in to watch their dogs play, enjoy a cup of coffee or browse our wonderful retail section. Our products are chosen with a healthy lifestyle in mind and a minimal footprint on our environment. Our staff is knowledgeable and will help you to decide exactly what you need and we will not try to sell you anything that you do not need or want.

Our training, daycare and overnight rooms are large with ½ inch rubber flooring for joint comfort for both humans and dogs. Our yards are over 4000 sq. feet of open sunny space with artificial turf.

We offer state of the art kennels which fold up in the daytime allowing us to utilize all of our space. Dogs that stay in our Bed & Biscuit are free to play or relax outside of their kennel for over thirteen hours a day. They are tucked into their cozy space at night with a raw beef marrow bone and classically engineered music for calming. We have a live in staff so that your dog is never alone on our premises.

And here you have it. The little girl who spent all of her time with the neighborhood and family dogs, the child who was always in trouble for stealing meat out of the fridge to feed the dogs, the little girl who held a dead kitten she found in the woods crying for over an hour and eventually burying the kitten in a dunkin donuts box has made her dreams come true.

We hope the community of Charlottesville will find All Things Pawssible a dream come true for their pets and themselves, a place where All Things are Pawssible.

-Karen Quillen, All Things Pawssible