Our ideology is one which balances traditional obedience training with newer methods consisting of more humane, motivational techniques. We believe that motivating dogs to want to learn through a reward-based system rather than through force or coercion is not only more humane but also more effective.

We hope that you find the following class descriptions helpful in determining which is the best course for you and your dog. Our classes are fun and user friendly. Feel free to call us at 434-972-7297 for further information or to sign up for one of our classes.
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Puppy 101: The first stage of learning how to be a good canine citizen starts with a good puppy class. Our class will help you to learn how your puppy learns! He/She will learn how to sit, look at you when asked, proper greeting of humans and other puppies, lie down, wait politely for goodies and games, come when called ( and not just for dinner) shorts stays and how to be play nicely with their new friends. We provide lots of playtime and socialization with the puppies other humans in the class. Puppy class is for puppies four and a half months and younger. Miniature breeds will be accepted up to six months.


Basic Obedience: Yes, all dogs can learn how to be polite when you speak their language. Most often undesirable behaviors are the result of a lack of communication between two different species. We will show you how to “talk dog”. It is effective and fun and makes perfect sense to your dog. Prepare to learn how to: get your dog to sit the first time that you ask, lie down and settle during distractions. Look at you when asked. Greet humans politely without jumping, showing fear or aggression. Learn to ignore other dogs unless given permission to greet. Come when called (not deer proof for many years), wait and stay. Short and sweet and worth every penny, no dog should miss taking this class.  This class is for dogs over 4 and a half months.

puppy101Puppy 201/Intermediate:  What happened to my cute little puppy? They are a teenager and like all teenagers you are no longer cool! This stage is the most important if you are to become the leader for your dog. In this class we will take the basic commands and help your dog through the “I don’t have to stage”. Our goal in this class is get your dog motivated again. We will continue to build upon all the things your dog has learned. They are still all about play and we will use play and motivation to solidify behaviors that will take them into adulthood. We will begin to proof behaviors such as the stay with distractions, recall with distractions, split second sits while relay racing, practice proper greetings and walk on a loose leash. We will have play breaks and learn how to recognize good play vs. inappropriate play. We will practice leave-it with objects place in their walking path and walk past other puppies while focusing on you.  Are you ready to take this fun and challenging class? Your young dog is!  Please note:  Your dog must have attended a formal basic training or puppy class (not necessarily through All Things Pawssible) to join this class.




Whatever Happened to Baby Fido?

Part One of this seminar does not include your dog.  An in depth look at the failing health and mental stability in our dogs today. How did we get here? And how can we change things? This presentation is a useful tool for both trainers and dog lovers alike. What do we do when the behavior is no longer a simple training issue? This presentation is less about training and more about preventing and healing so that our dogs can be more successful with any training/activity. Many of the points made go against traditional thinking.  Please join us with an Open Mind and an Open Heart.

Part Two of this presentation will include both you and your dog. We will start with some fun attention and bonding games. Move into a walking meditation and nose-work exercise to help our dog relax and bond with us. We will then move into simple stretching and relaxing exercises with you and your dog. We will use music, movement and aromatherapy to bring you and your dog to a new level of bonding as well as physical and emotional balance. This short version of mind and body work will leave you with a practice that you can bring into your daily life with your dog. Fear not! You do not need to be a yogi to participate. We can do the exercises from the floor or your chair. If you have a yoga mat please bring one with you. We will have a limited amount available for use.

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Wag It Games: A variety of training fun bringing smiles and wags to pet dogs and their owners. There is a solid emphasis throughout Wag It Games on relationship, teamwork, and safety & joy for the dog/handler team. Wag it Games features 6 skill divisions.

  • Shadow Skills Teams perform a course with the dog shadowing the handler’s movement from both sides, and including twists, turns & other moves.
  • No Need for Speed Obstacle Skills  A course of obstacle based exercises ranging from climbing steps and crossing bridges to passing through hoops and riding scooters. There is no need for speed but team work, confidence and skill make this game.
  • Sniff It  Sniff it is comprised of two elements; The dog must find and identify canisters charged with light scent or morsels of food. The dog must find and identify mats charged with the handlers scent. You can get an idea of what Sniff it is all about by watching this YouTube video.
  • Dog Ball  Inspired by sheep herding. Dogs gently direct exercise balls through courses that include various challenges such as gates and pens.
  • Water Skills Dog swims a course as directed by the handler.
  • Agility  Lightly competitive, emphasis on the dog’s safety & well being; no see-saw or full size dog walk, lower A-frame; creative obstacles. 5 different classes.


One and Done Classes: Introducing our new line of One and Done Classes! What is a one and done class? We realize that committing to a four or six week class can be tough. If you have not attended classes due to scheduling conflicts this could be a nice solution.  This class is one class only. We work on one specific behavior in the same user friendly, fun way that All Things Pawssible is known for. You may sign up more than once for each class. Each class is $25.00.

    • Help I’m In a Down and I Can’t Get Up  Does your dog resist stay?  Do they fidget, jump up, bark at distractions? Let’s work on the reason that we teach stay; to help your dog relax. We will work on relaxing for the first half of class and then begin to add distraction, distance and duration. We will offer light massage, and stress-away essential oils as well as Through a Dogs Ear calming music. The goal is to help your dog find stay a pleasant and rewarding experience rather than a chore. A general idea of stay is required for this class.
    • Come As You Are  Recall can be tough! Practice makes perfect and the goal for this class is an opportunity for practice. We will work on distractions, motivators be it a treat or perhaps greeting another dog or person as a reward. We will teach new cues and play some of our favorite recall games like Runaway. If weather is permitting we may do some long line work outside. This drop in class is limited to six dogs and handlers. You may sign up for a drop in class as many times as you like.
    • Freak on a Leash  Flight or fight is our most primal and unavoidable response to perceived danger.  Dogs can feel helpless when on a leash as the flight response is prohibited, the obvious option left for them would be flight.  This class will give you quick tools to turn around unwanted pulling, lunging, barking and other behaviors that can be embarrassing and scary out on the street.  Imagine a leisurely stroll down your street without these behaviors. Please note, you will not solve all leash issues in one hour. This gives you a baseline to get started. Please call for a private session if your dog exhibits severe aggression.
    • Talk Flirty to Me  Recent MRI’s done on dogs revealed what we already knew. When a dog hears their human voice the love and reward cortex of the brain lights up.  A stressed dog cannot perform.  We can help our dogs to relax knowing that we are there for them and will help them feel safe and relaxed.  This one hour fun session will show you the miracle of your voice when used to motivate your dog.  Fun games and leash work are practiced that you will be able to utilize anytime your dog needs to focus on you.
    • Sniff It  A dog’s nose is their most powerful tool and one that they love to use.  Sniff it teaches your dog some great scenting games that can be used anytime to redirect unwanted behavior, or simply provide mental stimulation on a rainy day.  No special tools are needed to create great sniffing experiences for your dog in your home or yard.  We will teach them to pick up the scent of their favorite treat and then go on a mighty hunt to find it.
    • Shadow Skills Teams perform a course with the dog shadowing the handler’s movement from both sides, and including twists, turns & other moves.
    • Get Down, Get Funky

Are you tired of the scratches, muddy paws, and embarrassment of your dog constantly jumping on people? Would you like your dog to understand what personal space is? In this class we will cover the most effective methods of keeping your dog from jumping up on you and others and also talk about why they jump up so we can tailor a training plan to your situation. No previous training is required. A harness is strongly recommended.

Holiday Manners: Don’t get caught with an unruly dog when the holiday guests show up. This class will focus on settling during distraction, greeting guests in a proper manner, proofing stays, tethering and non-reactivity. We will address common stressors for dogs over the holidays and how to avoid potential accidents in the form of nipping, jumping, food stealing and general disruption. This is a 2 week course that costs $50. This class is for dogs who have attended a formal basic training or puppy class (not necessarily through All Things Pawssible.)